2019: Mathematics and Statistics ( + Introductory R )

Course Info

Course Name Basic Concepts of Mathematics and Statistics
Program Name BSc. Global Environmental and Sustainability Studies
University Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
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Course Contents

The key topics that I covered during the semester were:

  1. Types of data
  2. Distribution of data
  3. Descriptive Statistics
    • Measures of central tendencies: mean, median, mode
    • Measures of dispersion: variance, range, quartiles, interquartile range
    • Descriptive plots: scatter plots, line charts, bar charts, box plots, histograms, density plots
  4. Inferential Statistics
    • Covariance and correlation
    • Linear regression
    • Statistical tests
      • Shapiro Wilk’s test for normality
      • Chi-square test
      • F-test for equality of variances
      • t-test for equality of means
      • ANOVA
  5. Overview of research process