Mobile Solution Workshop [status: ongoing]

Project Overview

Brief descriptionA decision visualization environment that allows scientists to communicate their quantitative/qualitative models better.
Project HomeFaculty of Sustainability at Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
Technologies usedPython, Jupyter Notebook, Gitlab
Intended usersScientists at Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
StatusOngoing (2019)
Project WebsiteMobile Solution Workshop

Project Description

Mobile Solution Workshop (Mobile Lösungswerkstatt in German) is a decision visualization environment that allows scientists to communicate better with stakeholders through a semi-interactive presentation.

Within the Mobile Solution Workshop a solution or problem can be broken down in comprehensible steps on five 65’’screens. The equipment is put into action on location, where scenarios are chosen by stakeholders on tablets and subsequently results are displayed on the big screens and discussed with scientist. As a result, stakeholders are empowered in the decision-making process and models are subjected to and improved by practical testing.

 Mobile Solution Workshop Official Website

Find out more about this project from its official webpage.


I assume the role of Functional Analyst in this project. This essentially means that I perform the following:

  1. Provide design and development guidelines to the developers of the application
  2. Create use cases and examples for the project
  3. Test the application from the perspectives of:
    • Designers and Developers
    • Scientists/Researchers, and
    • Maintainer/Application Administrator