About Me

Hi, I am Prabesh Dhakal.

I am a data science master student at Leuphana Universität Lüneburg where I also work for the dean of the Faculty of Sustainability providing end-to-end data science solutions to the researchers in his lab.

In addition, I also give tutorials to master and bachelor students, teaching them how to program and how to apply statistics with Python and R.

Here is what I am doing these days:

Professional Projects:

  1. Mobile Solution Workshop (Mobile Lösungswerkstatt) – [ongoing]
    • This is a project at Leuphana University where we are creating Python based interactive dashboard that allows scientist to communicate better through better data/decision visualization.
  2. Sustainability Methods Wiki – [ongoing]
    • This is a Wiki from the Faculty of Sustainability of Leuphana University which contains different statistical and scientific methods that can be applied in sustainability science settings and beyond.

Personal Projects:

  1. beepy (V1) – Python3 package – deployed]
    • A python 3 module that lets you play notification sounds on Windows machine. Can be installed via pip; pip install beepy.

Teaching Activities:

  1. 2019/20 Winter Semester – Software for Analysing Data [ongoing]
  2. 2019 Summer Semester – Statistics and Mathematics
  3. 2018/19 Winter Semester – Software for Analysing Data